Free PDF editor tool | Foxit free PDF editor tool

 If you are Searching  a free PDF editor tool, then we have given information about the best free editor tool for you.

Finding Your Way Around Free PDF Editor Tools

Free PDF editor tool | Foxit free PDF editor tool
Foxit free PDF editor tool

Many companies have to deal with huge amounts of paperwork daily that require that they use a free PDF editor tool. Fortunately, various tools can help you alter the content of your file without incurring heavy costs. However, it's difficult to get all the advanced features with a free tool, but you can still get the basic ones you need.  

Most of the free PDF editor tools you will find allow you to create and edit PDF files, which is the major functionality that most people need. If you want features that go beyond the regular ones, you will have to get a paid tool. The paid ones will allow you to sign, combine, and even convert PDFs to other formats

How Can I Edit A PDF File Using An Offline Free PDF Editor Tool?

If you want to edit PDF files for free, you need to get a software application that offers the features required to make the job smooth. Here are some applications you should look out for: 


Foxit is the leading tool that's a great alternative to Adobe. Although it has advanced features, the free tools come in quite handy if all you need are regular functionalities. It can help you edit PDFs, scan them, merge, change files to PDF, and even turn web pages into PDFs. For 14 days, all of these features can be accessed without paying a dime. 

With Foxit, you can edit, create, and sign without having to move across different applications. You can find all the tools easily because they are labelled correctly and legibly. The company also offers helpful tutorials that can guide you through using it. 

PDF Candy 

This software stands out amongst others because it offers an OCR option that other free editors don’t have. You can also protect your PDFs with this software by using a passcode. It can help you extract text from PDFs and also edit the file. It allows you to download all the files you’re working on at the same time by keeping them in a queue.

However, you will need to get the paid tool for you to access the innovative tools that are super easy to use. Also, PDF Candy falls short compared to other PDF editors because it offers a limited number of font styles for users. 

PDF Filler

Another tool that you can rely on to change your static PDF files to editable ones is PDF Filler.  It is a cloud-native solution that also allows you to store, collaborate, search, sign, and even audit documents for an affordable price. 

It is an easy tool to navigate through and allows you to save all your important files in one place. This PDF editor also helps you with effective document management, and they have helpful customer service that’s ready to help you when there’s any difficulty. However, navigating through the document section is somewhat slow and difficult. 

Final Thoughts 

Paying for a PDF editor tool might be expensive for your business, especially at its early stages. This article covers top tools that can help you edit your file and also enjoy additional functionalities that will make your work smoother. The top choice remains Foxit, which allows you to export the files to various file formats that you can manipulate according to your preferences. 


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