Amazing Gifts to Celebrate Academic Excellence | अकादमिक उत्कृष्टता का जश्न मनाने के लिए अद्भुत उपहार

Kids and teenagers are constantly told to do well in the academic sphere for a successful future. The teachings, lessons and hours of practice often bear fruit but then what? Does their determination get acknowledged? If you are endlessly motivating your son or daughter to improve their grades then once they achieve the mark your first responsibility should be to acknowledge their hard work. This could be done with useful gifts that in turn will inspire them to keep up the good work. Here are a few wonderful hurt suggestions to celebrate academic excellence. 

Amazing Gifts to Celebrate Academic Excellence | अकादमिक उत्कृष्टता का जश्न मनाने के लिए अद्भुत उपहार

Luscious cakes

Delightful chocolate and red velvet cake are for celebrating academic excellence. Fabulous cakes with unusual flavour and design could be ordered from best cake in Bangalore online for swift delivery. 

Fiction books

Good books are the best company one can have. Being engrossed in textbooks may aid in fantastic results but worldly knowledge can be gained from insightful books. Plus different genres contain distinct literary flavours. Some might entertain, others give necessary knowledge. As there is no substitute for good books they make excellent gifts. 

Vintage pens

A personalised vintage ink pen set with an antique inkpot is a rare gift indeed. With a considerable shift towards using gel or ball pens, ink pens are hard to find. They have now been associated with luxury as ink pens are generally costlier. Gifting pens highlights the importance of remaining attached to a source of knowledge. 

Customised notebooks

From regular use to artistic outlets, stationary notebooks are essential. But why stop at single-lined or plain notebooks. Creatively designed notebooks with pop art covers and handmade paper pages could be a surprise. 

Motivational cupboard posters

Surrounding oneself with colours and good thoughts is always a good idea. Artistic cupboard posters for a daily dose of motivation is something thoughtful. Imagine the ecstasy of the recipient when he/she sees an inspiring message each day at the break of dawn. 

Year planner

A useful year planner to plan for better days and a productive week is something everyone should pay heed to. A journal cum year planner will aid in mapping out schedules beforehand making room for productive work and leisure accordingly. 

Noise-cancelling headphones

 What can be the best remedy for an exhausted body and mind other than mellifluous music? Fancy noise-cancelling headphones are just the gift to allow the recipient to take some time off from tiring regular chores. 

Relaxing vacation

Sometime way into the lap of nature with an exciting hiking trip or a simple staycation could rejuvenate the soul. The best gift for the toiling youth could be a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of cities. 

Greeting cards

Wetting your heart out in the form of a congratulatory message in a creative greeting card could be your go-to simple gift. If you are afraid of overdoing it with expensive items then handmade paper greeting cards are perfect for the occasion. Greetings cards could be found for particular occasions and often have a heart-touching message printed in sparkly ink. However, opt for plain cards if you want to paint the picture of warm wishes with your own words. 

Luxury watch 

An analogue wristwatch with an extensive polish look could be the best way to show your affection and admiration. 

Tasty cookies 

Box of tasty cookies for the witty kid who is all set to shine and make his/her future bright is a delicious gift choice. Everyone loves sweet treats. Cookies made of quality chocolate chips could be easily ordered gift wrapped like online cake delivery in noida, from nearby bakeries.

Personalised bookmarks 

A pack of creative bookmarks for everyday use could be the perfect blend of simplicity with extraordinary. A refreshing touch to the essential bookmark is a great idea for a gift for anyone who has to deal with several books every day. 

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